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We are proud of our community’s continuing participation & focus on helping our students.

We would like to provide much, much more to those who want to go on to university, community college, technical or trade school. Doing so is such a wise investment!

BRSAF Annual Fund Drive

The annual fund drive is a major community effort to seek much-needed funding. Unless designated as contributions for a Named or Memorial Fund, these annual amounts go directly as grants to students in the year given. Nearly 100% of the funds contributed are directed to students, thanks to volunteer help and control of fund-raising costs.

Named & Memorial Funds

A gift of $25,000 establishes a Named or Memorial Fund in honor of the donor, the donor's family, an organization or in memory of a loved one. The $25,000 can be donated in one payment or pledged over five years. Once the $25,000 is raised, no further contributions are required, but are always welcome. Donor preferences may be specified, such as the area of study or training pursued by the grant recipient, and will be honored when the Named or Memorial Grant is awarded. (Please see below for list of funds.)

Memorial Gifts

At the request of next of kin, the funeral director may be asked to include: "Donations may be made to the Boothbay Region Student Aid Fund in memory of ___________, PO Box 293, Boothbay Harbor, ME 04538", in the obituary notice. This quickly notifies family and friends of the desire to contribute to the fund. The BRSAF may be contacted subsequently to arrange details. The BRSAF will acknowledge the gift to donors and notify the family. Depending on the amount of gifts and the wishes of the family, a Named or Memorial Grant could be established, if gifts exceed $25,000.

The Legacy Society

Name BRSAF as a beneficiary in your planned giving (will, estate, annuity, IRA, insurance, etc.) assuring a future donation and you will be welcomed into our Legacy Society. Bequests of more than $25,000 will qualify for a Named or Memorial Fund. For more information please contact Louise Cowan, BRSAF President at 207-350-4032.




Tim Allen
Julia L. Berry  
Ron Calhoun Boothbay Rotary Club  
Martha Robichaud Campbell 
 Linda Sibley Clark 
Steve Dutton Memorial Fund for Culinary Arts
Helen Clement & Burton M. Edwards 
Eva Giles Granger 
Jack & Marge Hanselman 
Eric B. Hodgdon 
Lloyd Jacobs 
L. Fred Jewett
Eliza Kinsey
Mel & Eleanor Knox Lions Club 
Rowe B. Metcalf Jr. 
J. Blenn Perkins, Jr. & Patricia A. Perkins 
Kathryn Campbell Reed 
Manley Reed Juniper Point 
Pat Ryan 
Frank L. Sample Jr. 
Jason Edwin Spinney 
Molly & Gustaf Tenggren 
Eliot Winslow 



Nancy Abbott (S)
 American Legion Post 36 (N) 
John Andrews, MD (S)
Nancy & Robert D. Barton (N) 
Boothbay Harbor Rotary (S) 
Boothbay Region Garden Club (N) 
 George & Ann Cochrane Family (N)
Paul Coulombe (N) 
Paul Cowan Family (N) 
Chester & Muriel Dawes (N) 
John Dix & Charlotte Druce (N) 
Irene & Butler Eames Fund for the Arts (N) 
Mike & Sallie Erhard (N) 
Fannie Forbes (N)
 Margaret Hamilton (N) 
Priscilla Harriman Teacher (N) 
Ruth Hartford Memorial (N)  
Jane & Ted Heidenreich (N) 
Bob & Sally Hellens (N)  
Hodgdon Group LLC (N) 
Jon & Bev Holt (S)
Holt Family (N) 
J. Nicholas & Joan Hilton Hurd (N) 
The Julie Fund (N)

Ralph & Gertrude Karger Music Fund (N)
Evelyn Hartung Keene Fund (N)
Charles & Betty Koch (N) 
Jennifer Larsen (N) 
Elizabeth Ann Leach (N) 
Lion Community College Fund (N) 
L. Cressey Morrison (S) 
Steve & Cindy O’Brien (N) 
William MacMahon O’Byrne (N) 
Bill & Carol Ostermann (S) 
Michael & Penelope Pollard (N) 
Herman & Delores Reyes (N) 
Arthur Ridlon Memorial (N) 
Marvin Rosenblum (N) 
Grace B. Rowe (N) 
Royall Family (N) 
Commander Kenneth Russell (S) 
Ellen Safford (N) 
Southport Island Association (N) 
 A.R. & Marylouise Tandy (N) 
Orman J. Wade (N) 
F Roscoe & Vila B. Webber (N) 
Wilson Wilde (N) 
Yardley Family (N)