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More education means more opportunities for our students.

The mission of the Boothbay Region Student Aid Fund is to provide need-based financial assistance to Boothbay Region High School graduates seeking education beyond the secondary level.

Over 50 years ago, a group of community members who wanted to help young people who aspired to furthering their education after graduation from Boothbay Region High School, came together to form the Boothbay Region Student Aid Fund organization. Today, the BRSAF, led by an all-volunteer board, provides financial assistance in the form of loan-free grants annually to students.

The BRSAF has been able to cover a portion of students’ educational expenses thanks to the  continued generosity and committed support from community organizations, businesses and individuals. These contributions to the annual fund or capital gifts made to establish named funds or to increase our invested funds have been critical in facilitating the education of so many.

Colleges and other post-secondary institutions use the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) to determine a family's Expected Family Contribution (EFC) to the student's cost of attendance (COA). The difference between the COA and the EFC is the student's unmet need. Most schools then try to meet that unmet need by offering a financial aid package. While that package may help, it doesn't generally cover all of the unmet need. The Boothbay Region Student Aid Fund (BRSAF) then uses a needs-based formula to assist with the gap remaining after the financial aid package is applied.

The Boothbay Region Student Aid Fund is dedicated to providing grants to support BRHS graduates who are in good standing and are between their first and sixth year of study at a college or university, community college, or school of professional training. BHRS graduates who return to higher education later in life are also eligible. Often the grants increase after the first year.

Managed by a volunteer Board of Directors from the Boothbay region, the board works closely with the Boothbay Region High School Guidance Office.

Each year, the monies raised during our annual fund drive are combined with funds from our  investments to fund our grants. In the last five years, we have funded roughly 350 grants, with an average grant size of $4300. These grants covered approximately 30% of our recipients' unmet need. While 30% is helpful, the BRSAF intends to increase that percentage, and to that end, we need the generosity of many donors!

2018 Board Members

Louise Cowan, President
Wendy Johnson, Vice President
Monica Elder, Secretary
Steve O'Brien, Treasurer

Jim Borsig
Marybeth Carmody
Kerrin Erhard
Medea Harris
J. Nicholas Hurd
Maureen Kinsey
Dale Lancaster
Ella Long
Michael Maxim
Bill Pearson
Michael Pollard
Julie Roberts
Ron Ross
Chris Stevens
Sarah Strouss
Kathryn Sullivan
Dan Zajdel

Marylouise Cowan (deceased)
Marvin Rosenblum
Cy Seifert (deceased)
Ormand J. Wade (deceased)
Copies of IRS Form 990 for the Boothbay Region Student Aid Fund are available. Click here to email our Treasurer and request a copy.